Welcome to my little project. I am supposed to be a writer. I have published a few books so I guess that makes me an author. Oddly, I don’t feel like one, at least I don’t believe me to be much more of a writer than anyone else. However I have been itching to blog. The urge is stronger than my will to sit down and truly write a long form project. So for now, this will be my pet project.

therantr is what I believe a friend of mine secretly calls me. If you ask her, she will politely tell you that I am very opinionated, and that I am ferociously blunt sans spiteful rancor or sycophantic accolades. It’s not foreign to find us discussing varied topics with me passionately spewing my take on the subject.

I know what they say about opinions and having an ass hole, yes everyone has one. I believe it is nature’s intent for us to use both efficiently and healthily. Don’t believe me, try inducing a fecal impaction. Seeing the importance of an ass hole now aren’t you? So too is the need to share opinions and ideas in a manner in which discourse can leave us all better. After all that’s why we celebrate the likes of Plato, Socrates, Plutarch, and Democritus. Weren’t they in their time mostly conjuring and diseminating opinions?

In this space I am likely to comment on anything, never with the intent to offend. Maybe you will agree with me sometimes, and I, of course, expect you to disagree. This is what makes for healthy discourse. Thank you for joining me on this journey. See you again soon.


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