These days I can’t turn my head without bumping into someone with an Instagram account. You know, that platform where almost everyone is faking it for the ‘Gram and not just the filters. Can’t use the web without seeing links to Facebook, left them behind with the annoying pictures of friend’s kids and meals long long ago. However I don’t hear much mention in the media of my personal fave, Tumblr.

Long before the Beyhive could witness Beyonce’s glory on Instagram, she had a Tumblr account. Tumblr is the leather bomber wearing, too cool for school rebel amongst them. Unruly and totally mischievous. A place to showcase all kinds of genius and beauty. Tumblr to the best of my knowledge, hasnt spied on me or help the Russians with the last election.

For all you social activists preaching #freethenips, you can free everything on Tumblr. If social media was a long never ending seaside of glorious beaches, then Tumblr’s slice would be the nudist colony while its contemporaries continue to be stuck up yawns of a beach.

So this rave is for that wild frontier of social media bliss, that microblogging haven, Tumblr!


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