A friend of mine just told me a story. Her along with her male counterparts went to see one of their firm’s client. She says the meeting was going well when a female executive at the office they’re visiting suggested that her male counterparts should simply give my friend the scut work from the list of requests. The males in her party was quick to point out that her position was no less than theirs and she doesn’t get delegated scut work.

Now maybe the woman, who was in her late 50’s, despite proper introduction thought my friend to be an assistant or an intern. For fairness I’ll give her that benefit of the doubt. Maybe because my friend by her very nature is too nice, too polite, too willing to please clients in a professional setting; this woman thought why would the men waste their time with tasks she deemed beneath them. Why not hand it to the girl who is too sweet, she won’t mind. Maybe this woman meant no foul in her reasoning. However I can tell you as I write this I grow increasingly incensed by her overt sexism, intended or not.

These days while the women movement, including Me Too and the fight for equal pay, gathers momentum I can’t help but wonder if it’s not in some cases being undermined by not only the men who would seek to hinder them, but also by some women themselves. I believe social change that women are currently united to achieve has the potential to produce results as significant as the Solidarity Movement of the 1980’s did.

Sexism is pure bullshit! I don’t like when males exhibit or harbor chauvinistic predilections. I certainly don’t believe it’s less shitty when women do it to other women. There is simply no excuse for such blatant disregard for equality among the sexes in any modern society. Women who hate other women should be ashamed of themselves. Self-hate is a helluva thing!


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